Knuckle Ring


Crave You

Such an amazing day today. Went out for a run and now just listening to great music. Have a nice weekend!



Just talking

Today it started strangely snowing (well, the news people were telling that this would happen), but it still was strange and not at all what I was expecting. These past few days it was so nice and I was hoping that the spring is finally here. And to my disappointment I'll have to wait a bit longer. On other note... Today I started wondering about Youtube videos and all those youtubers out there. What if I try something like they do? I always thought that I could do that but never had the courage to start something. I even set up my camera, sat in front of it and nothing. Felt a bit weird. But now that I think more about it I think I might try making some short videos just talking to people. I don't know. I'll have to sleep on it :) It's getting late here (in LT I mean) and I'm watching old How I Met Your Mother episodes. It just looked like the time to start from the 1st episode again. So, I'll carry on doing that and you can tell is the winter coming to you?






So the last post on this blog was over a year ago. I did not know that. I had so much going on that I just left it on the side for all this time. Now, I have made a promise to myself that I would continue posting all the fun things that I find and maybe even write something once in a while. Hopefully someone will see this and even if not I will be proud of myself if I succeed in keeping the promise.